Holiday Home Tour 2022

Hello and welcome to my 2022 Holiday Home Tour! This year I joined my creative pals Maggie, Kristy, Sarah T. & Sarah W. in bringing readers a first-ever, five day series of home tours packed with holiday decor and festive inspiration. Grab a mug of cocoa and scroll each one for a mix of Christmas and Hanukah- I’ll be sure to link each of their blog posts at the end of this one!

In our living room we have a very traditional furniture layout that reflects the house’s Center Hall Colonial architecture. Two neutral couches face each other on either side of the gas fireplace. This is where I like to start when I decorate for the Christmas season. Several years ago, my Mom started a tradition of bringing me winter berries from our local farmers market. Those red berries on woody stems are often the first sign of the holiday in our home. Once we cut down a Christmas tree (typically the weekend after Thanksgiving) I’ll snip a few sprigs to add in with the winter berries. Red at Christmas has a lot of meaning for me and brings me right back to childhood. You’ll rarely see me wear red or decorate with red any other time of the year, but Christmastime is that one exception!

From there I like to drape a faux white pine garland across the mantle and keep it relatively minimal with a few white ceramic houses, trees, and mercury glass tea light holders. When it comes to our tree, we are all about nostalgia. I love hanging ornaments that have memories attached and so do the kiddos! To finish out the living room, I swap in plaid throws and velvet pillows on the coach, and set the Christmas music out at the piano. I prefer to leave enough white space to keep a clutter free vibe. I definitely enjoy visiting elaborately decorated spaces, but I find it difficult to be at peace actually living in them.

My 8th grade Spanish teacher used to write the acronym K-I-S-S on our homework whenever we tried to write complex sentences outside the boundary of what we had learned. It was a reminder to stick to what we knew and to “Keep It Simple, Sally”. Some people know KISS as “Keep It Short & Simple”. I always think of that when I’m tempted to add more to the room. The goal is to create a feeling, not to get as much surface area as possible covered.

*Note- you’ll see links for everything below each photo or gallery, but please note that most items are similar finds since much of our holiday decor has been acquired over the years and some are heirlooms from pervious generations. So if you see * it’s similar/suggested!

Outfit (c/o Draper James)


Living Room Base 

Next up, let’s head to the dining room! I have to say, it’s been SO fun to style our bar cart over the last few years. It’s the perfect time of year to set out my heirloom green goblets and silver nutcracker, both passed down from my grandmother. The gorgeous Waterford crystal bowl was a wedding gift, which is so fun to bring into the scene. I enjoy keep my grandmother’s tradition of keeping mixed nuts (still in their shells!) in reach. It takes me right back to age five, cracking macadamias at her dining room table with my older brother. My kiddos get such a kick out of it- highly recommend!

There’s nothing like a beautiful green and white floral arrangement any time of year, but it’s especially lovely now with a bit of cedar tucked in! A few bottles of French red wine and Pellegrino sparkling water are a necessity, but I’m also looking forward to trying this cocktail! One new addition this year is the darling set of cocktail napkins detailed with holly and wreaths. Cute!

I SO enjoy mixing both decor and traditions over time. It really ups the magical holidays feels! ☺️ Do you??

The Tartan runner shown folded under Santa mug set. Both the runner and ice bucket are from Sailor-Sailor, a small, women owned business based in Norwich, Connecticut. I got to meet the ladies behind this USA manufactured brand at a conference a year or so ago and they are beyond lovely. Last Christmas season they sent me a few items and I knew right away they would become holiday staples in the Hammer house! I also have the coordinating tartan dress and the bow back is super cute! So glad they brought it back again this year!

Bar Cart

When I approach the table, I want it to be both visually appealing to adults and children. These dinner plates were passed down to me from my parents. I remember studying each of the little houses around the rim as a child and it’s such a treat to see Zoe and Ari do the same. A spring of pine with a velvet bow laid over red and white striped napkins work well contrasted against olive green, satin placemats. For added interest I put out a blend of brass and glass candlesticks with red tapers atop layered red and silver runners and a marble lazy susan. This year I found a pair of red velvet potted faux pines for a few extra pops of red. For special meals I love to polish a few heirloom silver trays and dishes, too! Anyone else able to smell silver polish instantly just thinking about it?? Last year my Mom gave me a set of gold flatware for Christmas and they are just delightful! I also get such a kick out of our etched crystal coupes and clear goblets, also family heirlooms. It’s nearly impossible to find glasses as stunning these days!


A cocoa bar on the sideboard is a must! We have had these Santa mugs, a Pottery Barn classic, for several years. The kids go nuts over them and love making cocoa during playdates. Toss in a few marshmallows and a peppermint swizzle sit and suddenly your parent of the year! Easy win! The green plaid napkins were made by a local crafter, a gift from my Mom. The green glass bowls belonged to my husband’s grandmother– we also use them when we make rice pudding!

Outfit (c/o Draper James)

Cocoa Bar

Dining Room Base

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Oh! And if you haven’t ordered your holiday cards yet this year, check out this tutorial I made a few years ago (it saved me over $100 to do it this way)! You’ll notice that it’s over on my business blog (in case you didn’t know, I’m a Business Coach!).


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