Q&A with Colleen Blake Miller, Registered Psychotherapist

I met Colleen through the kind referral of lifestyle blogger, Mycah Hunter, a couple of years ago. She was interested in elevating her branding and had plans to shift gears into a new level with her website and overall business. Working with her was such fun and totally out of the norm for me, because I had never worked with a branding client who wanted to lean super feminine from fonts to colors. You’ll see a glimpse of her brand board below and you can visit her website to see how she applied the elements!

I’m so happy to make this introduction between you and Colleen. She is wildly talented and provides daily inspiration and encouragement. We will get into professional and personal questions as well as talk about our branding project for her business:


  1. You’re a Registered Psychotherapist. What does that mean? Being an RP means that I am a member in good standing with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. I do what is known as ‘Talk Therapy’ with my clients and have the privilege of supporting individuals, couples, and families through challenging seasons of life. I help them find solutions to improved health, wellness, and personal growth.
  2. What does a typical day at work look like for you? A typical day at work looks like connecting with new prospective clients. Generally, I have about 5-7 sessions a day, virtually and a few in-person. I also create content for social media and other projects that I have on the go.
  3. What’s your favorite thing about your job? I love being able to support people in need. I love being a witness to their growth and see them become more empowered to affect positive change in their life.
  4. In addition to seeing clients, what else do you offer? I am an author and speaker. I have the opportunity of speaking at various conferences and regularly teach at workshops within my community. I run an accountability group, as well. I also have other self care and wellness products I am actively working on releasing this year.
  5. How do you find community in your industry and in the world of Instagram? Over the first quarter I have had the pleasure of making several new connections from various industries that overlap with many of my interests and passions. I have been in dialogue with several folks who are interested in collaborating more on initiatives such as IG lives, giveaways, and overall just connecting and chatting more via DM’s.
  6. What can we expect to see from you and your business as we move into the second quarter? The second quarter will include the re-opening of my wellness community for round two for 2021. We are focussing on mastering our mindset in quarter two, and I’m very excited to see how the group will engage with the contact that I have in store. I am also very excited  to share more of what goes on within the wellness village as quarter two will include the launching of the wellness Village IG page. This will allow folks who have been curious about the village to get a sneak peek inside.
  7. Do you have any upcoming events where people could potentially hear you speak? Yes, I’ll be hosting a wellness retreat in Mid June. It will be a hybrid event to make space for in-person as well as folks who prefer to tune in online. Outside of that you can always find me online posting inspirational and informative videos via my Instagram page.


  1. How would your friends describe you? My friends would describe me as bubbly, very outgoing & outspoken, as well as encouraging. They would also mention that I am someone who loves to laugh, and make other people laugh.
  2. What’s helping you to stay positive these days? My kids. They are a constant source of  joy and laughter in our home.  Laughter is how my husband and I are able to keep our sanity these days. Knowing that they need positive role models and examples to help guide them, motivates me to have a healthy mindset and healthy perspective throughout this challenging season that we are in right now.

Branding with Kate

  1. How did you know it was time to rebrand? The original look/brand I had wasn’t created intentionally.  My cousin created my business cards, and another cousin created my website and there wasn’t much creativity behind what we ended up with. That was 14 years ago, and then I was just thrilled to have a website and business cards. As I have grown as an entrepreneur I now understand the importance of having a brand that is a reflection of me.  As I and my business have developed over the past 14 years, the look of my brand no longer resonated with me. I had a clearer sense of what I needed and what would appeal to my ideal clients. What I envisioned in my mind and what my brand actually looked like didn’t match.  That is when I knew I needed to rebrand.  
  2. What was your experience like working with me? Kate’s amazing. She’s very patient. When I didn’t have the language to express some of what I wanted, she worked patiently with me to help me drill down, get clarity and determine what I was actually looking for.
  3. What do you like about your new brand? What about it feels like you? My new brand is fresh. It’s welcoming. The feedback that I have heard so far, aligns with how I want people to feel when they interact with me. I want it to feel warm and welcoming, and those are some of the things folks say when they connect with my brand.
  4. What are some of the ways that you have used your new branding? I have updated my website. I have launched programs, new business cards, and new stationary. I also use it in my social media content.

This or That!

  • Read a book OR Listen to a playlist: Playlist
  • Keep your style classic OR Let your style evolve: Classic all the way
  • Go on an adventure OR Stay in and relax: Relax, Relax, Relax
  • Rewatch favorites OR Search for a new show: New show please
  • Flats OR Heels: HEELS… the higher the better
  • The more the merrier OR More fun with fewer: The more the merrier!!! 

🔥Rapid Fire🔥

  • Recent read or show: Winning the war in your mind by Craig Groeschel
  • Favorite garment or accessory of the season: My Uggs Boots
  • Quote to live by:I can do difficult things!!!”
  • You’ll never see me: Wallowing 
  • Amp song: Hallelujah no go finish by: Freke Umoh

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