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Sarah Stewart is the gal behind the well known home decor blog, Life on Virginia Street. She is the queen of the mood board, blending everything from furniture to jeans into seasonal palettes with unmatched curation. I’ve been following along with Sarah for years, but more recently had the opportunity to partner with her. She very graciously received one of my original watercolor pieces and shared it on her blog as well as hosted a giveaway for the coordinating print from my Etsy shop. With the quantity of requests and outreach Sarah receives in a week, I still pinch myself that somehow she decided to create a space in her gorgeous home for a set of painted lemons.

| Photo is linked to the coordinating blog post at Life on Virginia Street |

So as you can imagine, I was even more delighted when she agreed to do a Q&A with me for the blog! This is actually the first entry of a series I’m calling ‘Inspiration Spotlight‘. I really couldn’t think of a better person to kick it off with, since Sarah has been such a consistent and longstanding source of inspiration for me! Alright, now let’s get to it!

On Blogging

  1. What made you decide to pursue blogging? I grew up in Utah but moved to Nebraska for graduate school. I noticed that several of my high school friends started blogs to journal their families, etc. I had so much fun reading theirs that I ultimately wanted to start one of my own! I started my blog as a way for both sets of our parents and out-of-state friends to see the various projects were were working on around our house at the time. It was purely for fun and a creative outlet for me.
  2. What’s your favorite room in your house? I actually love our outdoor spaces the most! I’m such a summer girl and love spending as much time outside as possible!
  3. Has your blog content changed since you launched? If so, in what way? It’s actually pretty funny to read some of my original blog posts. Clearly I was just in it for fun and had no idea what I was doing. Over the past 5-7 years, I’ve treated my blog much more as a business than a fun journal of random crap 😉 So, while I still share topics I think are fun, I do it in a much more strategic way (sometimes remembering to do SEO check, etc.).
  4. What is something that your readers seem to be surprised to find out about you? I worked in the insurance industry for 18 years before blogging full-time. My blog was always a side-gig until a little over three years ago. Prior to that I was an officer at an insurance brokerage and my day-to-day looked completely different than it does now. But, I feel like my blog wouldn’t be where it was today if I didn’t have those years in corporate America. I can actually understand the blog contracts I get now!
  5. How do you find community in the blogging world among peers? I’m basically a grandma blogger (I started in January 2008)! One of the best things I ever did was attend my first Haven conference in 2014. Until I started to interact with other bloggers in the blogging community, I didn’t realize just how impactful blogging could be on my life. I now have multiple circles I can turn to with blogging questions, and some of my very best friends are from the blogging community. I’d recommend starting by forming genuine relationships with other bloggers, either by commenting on posts you love of theirs, DMing on social media, or joining Facebook groups. Community in the blogging world is vital to helping you stay sane – and being successful!
  6. What can we look forward to on your blog in 2021? That’s a really good question! I’d love to say that I plan that far in advance, but I’m usually the blogger starting a post the day before it’s due, and setting my alarm clock bright and early the next day to wrap it up. But hopefully a lot more posts that are inspirational and helpful to readers!

Getting Personal

  1. If you were to shut down the blog tomorrow, what career path would you consider instead? I can say for almost certain that I would not go back to corporate America. I feel like I’m resourceful enough that I would do whatever I can to stay self-employed. Perhaps partner with local builders on helping them make design selections? Be a consultant to small businesses?
  2. What does a typical day look like for you at the moment? I prefer to start my morning as early as possible. I grab my coffee and go right to my computer to work. I usually try to get in four or five solid hours of computer work a day (including weekends) before I then do projects around my house (which are usually blog related, too). If I’m lucky I’ll squeeze in a power nap. And our nights almost always end with Jeopardy before I go back to my computer!
  3. We know you love to spend time beyond the borders– where would you like to go once it becomes safer to travel? I celebrated my 40th birthday and our 15th wedding anniversary recently so I’d love to pick up our plans of going to Italy. It’s my favorite destination and I ask my husband weekly if we can just move there 😉
  4. You have shared occasional Christian artwork and sentiments- how do you feel about sharing your faith on a public platform? Honestly, I wish I shared it more! I’m not as vocal as I would like to be, and have always tried to be more of a “lead by example” type of person. But my Lindsay Letters artwork is some of my favorite ever and her pieces make me so happy! I get so much joy out of displaying them in our home and sharing them on my blog and social media!
  5. What hobby/ies are you enjoying through COVID-19? I’ve done a ridiculous number of jigsaw puzzles, spent a lot of time planting in our yard, and watching more Netflix in the evenings than I’d care to admit. I also have spent a lot more time writing posts for my blog. It’s technically no longer a hobby, but I still really enjoy doing blog work most of the time!
  6. What’s your favorite texting GIF? (copy/paste link) Not a GIF, but I for sure overuse the crying laughing emoji maybe more than anyone on the planet! 😂
This or That!
  • Read a book OR Listen to a playlist – Read!
  • Keep your style classic OR Let your style evolve – Evolving classics?
  • Go on an adventure OR Stay in and relax – Stay in and relax
  • Rewatch favorites OR Search for a new show – Search for a new show
  • Flats OR Heels – This year? Flats!
  • The more the merrier OR More fun with fewer – More fun with fewer
  • Cleaning is my love language OR Cleaning is my nightmare – Cleaning is my nightmare
  • Here for Humor OR Please be serious – Here for humor
 🔥 Rapid Fire 🔥
  • Recent read: Evvie Drake Starts Over
  • Home accessory of the season: Anything olive green!
  • Quote to live by: The quote I say to my husband daily “You’ve got to spend money to make money” 😉
  • You’ll never see me______: Excited to stay up past 10 PM.
  • Favorite Artists: Eagles, Jackson Brown, Taylor Swift – and Sia’s Christmas Album

To keep up with Sarah and receive her daily inspiration, follow along with her on Instagram! I’d also recommend reading these three blog entries:

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  3. And that time my Blue Plant Series made in onto Sarah’s Wednesday Watchlist last December (pinch me!)


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