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When Elsa asked me to do the branding for her blog, Simply Elsa, I couldn’t wait to get started. I have known Elsa through Instagram since winter 2019. At that time we were both getting started with the platform and experimenting with posts. We seemed to have a few critical things in common– appreciation of lemons, patterns, and home decor.

It wasn’t until more recently that I began to understand Elsa on another level beyond the pretty things we admired and shared. We found we share a faith we both hold dear, and that it was born out of a similar circumstance. I also got to hear Elsa’s story that has launched her into a niche that perhaps never before existed– body positivity for the preppy gal. Elsa has quickly become an icon for women who love stripes and bright colors regardless of size. I know the world is more than ready for her– in fact it has awaited her presence for far too long.

Working with someone who has a real and earnest perspective to offer is a total treat. Her story and purpose are clear, which allows for a seamless transition into the appearance of her brand. Elsa had a really clear vision for color and wanted to incorporate ginger jars. The problem to solve was how to take a ginger jar you see every day and make it fresh and specific to Elsa. She sent me a photo of a grouping of ginger jars and I knew right away we had to try silhouettes.

1Simply Elsa- Brand Board for Blog Entry

The deliverables she decided on included a color palette, a perfectly crafted font, a blog header, a primary logo graphic, and a sub mark. We went through several iterations, but the process was pretty quick. Elsa has a sharp knowledge of what will work for her and knew exactly what she wanted to tweak. Soon we were done, both of us thrilled with the resulting brand.

Admittedly we didn’t realize this until after landing on the concept of ginger jars for Elsa’s logo, but truly they are a perfect nod to size inclusion. Ginger jars come in all shapes, colors, and heights. Some straighter, some curvier, but all equally lovely.

Kate Hammer Blog- Simply Elsa Brand Website Display

Soon after the branding was complete, it was set to virtual life. Elsa put so much thought into the flow and aesthetic of her website. By using her customized brand elements, colors, and fonts she was able to create a space that authentically represented her.

Read Elsa’s experience branding with me on her blog, here! And reach out to me anytime over here if you are interested in branding services.


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